RCS Facility Certification Reviewers

This page provides a listing of Pending and Vetted Reviewers who typically serve on 3-person panels as the certifying body for a range undergoing review as part ot the National RCS Measurement Facilities Certification Program.  Vetted Reviewers are those reviewers whose nomination packages have been received and affirmed as meeting the minimum Reviewer Qualifications. Originally, Members and Associates of the Radar Committee of the Signature Measurements Standards Group, a standing group under the Range Commanders Council vetted the reviewers. Once the program was up and running, that responsibility was assumed by the Vetted Reviewers.   Pending Reviewers are candidate reviewers who have been nominated (or self-nominated) to be reviewers. For Pending Reviewers, if a nomination package has been received, links will be provided below to their respective resumes and commitment letters for review by interested parties, including those eligible to affirm their nominations. Affirmations are performed by the Vetted Reviewers.

NEW: What is involved in a review? Click here for a snapshop of a typical review timeline.

Reviewer Nomination Packages must include:

  • the candidate's resume/curriculum vitae (demonstrating at least minimum qualifications have been met),
  • a personal letter of commitment from the candidate (sample letter),
  • a corporate letter of commitment from the candidate's organization, signed by an employee or officer with the authority to commit the organization's resources in support of the certification reviews to which the candidate may be assigned (sample letter).

Corporate Commitment Letters may follow a candidate's Resume and Personal Commitment Letter in cases where upper echelons need more convincing evidence or other indications that all concerned are truly serious about considering a particular nominee. In other words, if your boss won't sign on the dotted line until you have been accepted as a Reviewer, then upon acceptance of a nominee by the RCC SMSG Chair, a formal Invitation to Participate in a range review will be sent that has as a caveat the need for a Corporate Commitment Letter. In such cases, the nominee should have a fairly strong level of conviction that corporate management will endorse the nominee's efforts and will follow-through with such a letter immediately following receipt of the Invitation to Participate. [Decision to accept deferred Corporate Commitment Letters made at 21 June 2001 RCC SMSG Radar Committee meeting.]

Nominations, including self-nominations, should be addressed to the SMSG Committee Chair in care of or mailed to:

Roger W. Davis
23226 Holly Hill Lane
California, MD 20619-6121

In addition to the reviewers listed below, the Radio-Frequency Technology Division of the National Institute of Science & Technology provides ongoing expertise and reviews all Priority One sections of each Range Book. That team is led by Perry Wilson with significant contributions made by Dr. Lorant Muth, Mike Francis, and Ron Wittmann.
Pending Reviewers — Click on Review & Vote below to review each individual's documents. ( — Some individuals have volunteered, but have yet to provide their respective resumes and/or personal commitment letters.
27 January 2009: The posting of resumes has hit a snag following the request that went out today for Vetted Reviewers to review and affirm, if appropriate, several Candidate Reviewers. A reminder email will be sent to all Vetted Reviewers when the documents are posted.
Individual Sponsoring Organization
Mr. Paul Kolesnikoff Ball Aerospace (Awaiting Documents, Jan 09)
Dr. Byron Welsh Air Force Research Laboratory (Awaiting Documents, Jan 09)
Mr. Bill Forster ATK-Mission Research (Awaiting Documents, Jan 09)
Mr. Jon Sorgnit 782 TS/TSWI, Eglin AFB (Awaiting Affirmation since Nov 08) Review & Vote
Mr. Mike McCrea Northrop Grumman Corp (Awaiting Affirmation since Jan 07) Review & Vote
Additional nominees/voluneers needed — contact
     Minimum qualifications  |   Sample Personal Commitment Letter  |   Corporate Commitment Sample Letter
Vetted Reviewers — (links to resumes and commitment letters not yet fully populated)
Individual Sponsoring Organization Facilities Reviewed
Mr. Travis Hestilow AFIWC/Syracuse Research Institute NAWCAD Patuxent River (Chair)
Northrop Grumman Tejon
National RCS Test Facility RCMS
National RCS Test Facility MS P9
Dr. Carl Mentzer Mission Research Corp NAWCAD Patuxent River
Boeing 9-77
Mr. G. Bruce Melson GE Aircraft Engines Air Force Research Lab Advanced Compact Range
Mr. Tim Conn NRTF/EG&G Technical Services Air Force Research Lab Advanced Compact Range
Boeing Mesa Range X
Dr. Yu-Ping Liu Northrup Grumman Boeing 9-77
Mr. Jeff Floyd System Planning Corporation Boeing 9-77
Air Force Reseach Lab Mobile Diagnostics Lab
Raytheon-El Segundo
Boeing 9-77 Recertification
Dr. Brian Kent Air Force Research Lab, WPAFB Lockheed-Martin Palmdale (Panel Chair)
GE Aircraft Engines NT Facility
Mr. Lawrence (Larry) Mandeville Raytheon Lockheed-Martin Palmdale
Lockheed-Martin Orlando ETS
Boeing Mesa Range X (Chair)
Raytheon-El Segundo
Dr. Randy Jost Utah State University (Feb 01) GE Aircraft Engines NT Facility
Ball Aerospace
Mr. Barry Shaw The Boeing Company National RCS Test Facility, two reviews:
RVUMS (Chair) & RCMS
Mr. Henry Garretson, III Northrup Grumman National RCS Test Facility
Air Force Reseach Lab Mobile Diagnostics Lab
Pratt & Whitney FL
Mr. Bryan Kurner AFIWC (453 EWS/EWCS) National RCS Test Facility MS P9
Mr. Erik Vedeler NASA-Langley (Jun 01) Northrop Grumman Tejon
Pratt & Whitney FL (Chair)
Mr. Frank Plonski formerly NSWC-Philly, now Wyle Labs
Philadelphia (Feb 01)
Lockheed-Martin Orlando ETS
Boeing Mesa Range X
Raytheon-El Segundo
Mr. Barry Stroman Lockheed-Martin Missiles & Fire Control Lockheed-Martin Palmdale
Northrop Grumman Tejon (Chair)
Pratt & Whitney FL
Pete Collins, PhD (Formerly with) 46th Test Wing, USAF Air Force Reseach Lab Mobile Diagnostics Lab
Mr. Eric Schoessow BAE Systems-UK (Feb 01)
Mr. Richard Butch Porter Air Force Research Lab, WPAFB (Feb 02) National RCS Test Facility RCMS
GE Aircraft Engines NT Facility
Ball Aerospace
Dr. Pax Samuel Pin Wei Boeing (Jun 01) National RCS Test Facility MS P9
Mr. John Matis Raytheon Tucson
Mr. Tom Cleary NAWCAD-PAX (Aug 01) Lockheed-Martin Orlando ETS (no longer available)
Dr. William (Bill) Kent Mission Research Corp., Dayton (Nov 02)
Tracy Johnson BAE Systems (Oct 03)
Neil Blaho Boeing
Brian S. Kennedy Boeing
Danial McCann NRTF/EG&G Technical Services
Laurence Oldfield UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Retired)
Bill Parnell 46 TW/TSP, Eglin AFB, USAF
Charles E. Raiff Boeing
Alan Buterbaugh ATK-MRC
Dr. Andy Repjar National Institute of Standards and Technology First Five Review Panels (now retired)
MAJ William D. Wood, PhD (Deceased) AFIT/ENG, WPAFB (Nov 02) 1963-2004
In Memoriam
Mr. Martin H. (Marty) Stuble NAVAIR Patuxent River (Affirmed, Mar 2006)

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