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UPDATED 1 June 2018
Simplified Evaluation Criteria published for up/down vote by the RCS Measurement Facilities Community.
Click here for the long-awaited Simplified Evaluation Criteria (V6a) (248kB PDF).

To compare against the legacy criteria, which have been utilized since June 2000, click here for Version 5 (223kB PDF) or here for Version 5 as a web page (HTML).
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To vote for or against (approve / disapprove) of the Simplified Evaluation Criteria, please click the link below:
Simplified Evaluation Criteria (Up/Down Vote)

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For information on RCS Facilities Technical Exchange Meetings (RCS TEM), contact . horizontal black line
Certification—A 12-step program to higher-quality measurements:
1) Prepare your range book, ensuring that all sections are complete, including the uncertainty analysis and inter-range comparison
2) Perform a thorough in-house review of the range book against the existing evaluation criteria--preferably this review is conducted by management one level above the range
3) Advise the program facilitator (me) that the review has been completed--at this point you are 'registered'
4) Prepare Range Book Materials for shipping to Reviewers
5) Assess selected reviewers, veto any reviewer for any reason
6) Ship Range Book materials to Reviewers
7) Participate in any discussions/clarifications requested by Reviewers
8) Receive and act on Mid-Term Review
9) Respond with Closure Plan for any outstanding issues
10) Schedule and conduct On-Site Review
11) Work to close issues uncovered during on-site review, if any
12) Celebrate!
See links below for certification reference materials.
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Recertification Process: click here information for ranges facing recertification. (Adobe PDF, 200 kB)
Range Certification / Recertification Schedule: Contact for information about the certification/recertification schedule.
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Additional Information:
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