Electro-Optical & Infrared Signature Measurements

CalCon 2005
Annual Conference on Characterization & Radiometric Calibration for Remote Sensing: a presentation style forum for scientists and engineers to present, discuss, learn, and obtain suggestions from experts in the community about calibration, characterization, and radiometric issues within the IR, visible, and UV spectrums.

Session Topics Include:

  • Concepts and Applications of Measurement Uncertainty
  • Solar, Lunar and Stellar Radiometric Measurements
  • Pre-launch to On-orbit Calibration Transfer: Approaches and On-orbit Monitoring Techniques
  • Developing National Calibration/Certification Standards for EO/IR Systems

Join us at Utah State University
22-25 August 2005
For the 14th Annual CalCon

Abstracts due April 25, 2005

More Info: http://www.spacedynamics.org/conferences/calcon/
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Randy Jost’s presentation to the International Workshop on Radiometric and Geometric Calibration, 2-5 December 2003, Gulfport, MS:

·        Applying a Decade of RCS Calibration Activity Experience to the IR/Visible/UV Measurement Community (PowerPoint)

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References relative to ISO Guide 25, ISO 17025, and other certification-related documents:

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